Roofing 101

When is the best time of year for roof replacement?

There isn’t a simple answer to the timing of your roof replacement. Like many situations in the roofing industry, the timing of your replacement depends on several different variables.

You can take comfort in knowing that there is no perfect or wrong time to have your roof replaced. While there is a roofing season that stretches from late summer to mid-autumn, a roof can be successfully replaced any time of the year.

You may not always have the luxury of choice; a severe storm, a fallen tree or a recently-discovered leak (along with a number of other emergency scenarios) can happen any time of the year. That being said, the best time of year for roof replacement depends on how to rank the following variables:

Price. Because of what is generally considered more favorable weather conditions for roofing, the time period from late summer to mid-autumn is considered roofing season. Roofers are busier this time of year, manufacturers often raise the prices of their materials during this time period, and demand for contractors and subcontractors is high. Consider having your roof replaced outside of this time period to get a better deal.

Weather. Your roof protects your home from the weather, so it is necessary to consider the weather conditions during the time of your scheduled roof replacement. It is imperative to keep as much moisture off of your exposed home and roofing materials as possible. Late summer through mid-autumn is generally considered roofing season when weather conditions are the most favorable for roof replacement. Demand for roofing labor and materials is high during this time of year, so be prepared to pay a bit more and to wait until a roofer is available.

Warranties. Manufacturers of roofing materials often provide warranties on their materials. Roofing contractors may also have warranties for their labor and materials installation. These warranties may have restrictions based on temperature during installation. Make sure to read the materials warranty thoroughly to discover any caveats or temperature requirements before scheduling a cold-weather roof replacement.

Demand. Weather and warranties may convince you that roofing season is the best time to have your replacement completed. Make sure to schedule your roof replacement far in advance if you hope to get a slot during this busy season. Your roofer may need to reschedule or postpone due to high demand and the need for skilled laborers. If you want your pick of available roofers when demand is low and prices may be lower, choose an off-season roof replacement.

While all of these variables are important, the best time to replace your roof is after you’ve planned ahead and made a thoroughly researched decision. Everyone’s situation is unique and will be influenced by a different combination of factors.