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Asphalt Shingle Roof

At Roofing101, one of our most popular installations is asphalt roofing. Stylish while also affordable, superior quality ensuring a long lifespan, our professional roofers can help you get a truly impressive, durable covering with asphalt shingles. Aside from specialized installations, we also provide residents with experienced repair and maintenance services, so your home is truly secure and weatherproof. When you trust our pros with your roof, you’ll get a cost-effective installation that’s not only innovative but also stylishly elegant.

Benefits of an Asphalt Shingle Roof Installation

Due to a long list of outstanding benefits, asphalt roofing is by far one of our most in-demand covering types. Asphalt shingles are offered in two different options: organic or fiberglass/composite. With composite, you’re also assured a high degree of protection from the elements because of its waterproof coating and fiberglass base construction, which offers an excellent added level of structural safeguarding.

  • Low Upkeep – Asphalt shingles are fairly easy to maintain. Though, to ensure this, they need to be properly installed for maximum effectiveness. In the unlikely case of damage, the shingles can be quickly repaired.
  • Cost-Effective – These shingles also offer superior value at an affordable price and provides a remarkably long lifespan.
  • Flexible – With varying color choices and design alternatives, you gain the ability to make your residence all that much more stylish.
  • Solid – Highly durable, these shingles offer impressive weather and wind resistance. Also, with a Class A fire rating, this installation will no doubt give added peace-of-mind with such a durable roof.
  • “Eco-Friendly” – Choose an eco-friendly option that’s ENERGY STAR-rated, which cools shingles to decrease heat transference and thus lower heat absorption. As such, this sun-reflective material can greatly reduce energy costs.
Before And After of a Residential Roofing Shingle Roof Focusing on the Ventilation on the Top

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