Roofing 101

Keep your house cool with attic insulation

Kansas summers can be real scorchers.Attics in our area routinely reach 170 degrees Fahrenheit. While you might associate insulation with keeping your home warm in the winter, it also plays an important role in keeping your home cool during the summer. When the temperatures rise in the summer, your attic can fill with hot air. Without proper insulation in your attic, that heat will literally flow through your ceiling and into your home.

Using high quality insulation is important.Attic insulation is rated in R values. The value given to the insulation is a measure of its thermal resistance. The higher the R value, the more thermally resistant the insulation is. There are several different charts available that give recommendations for R value in different climate zones, but you should consult directly with your local roofing contractor to determine your insulation needs.

Attic insulation must be installed properly to be effective. The possible effectiveness is no small thing: a properly insulated attic can save up to 35 percent on your energy bill. Complete coverage of all areas in your attic is essential for the full R value of the insulation to be realized, however. Construction materials like wood and dry­wall allow the transfer of heat relatively easily. Even small areas that are overlooked can leak heat into your home. Any heat build-up in your attic that penetrates your home will increase your cooling bill. Professional installation by an experienced local roofer using the proper equipment will get you the results you need.

Dessert Companies attic insulation

  • We use the insulation product that we can stand behind. The quality and effectiveness are representative of our commitment to excellence. AttiCat® Blown-In Insulation from Owens Corning.
  • We use an industrial blowing machine that conditions the AttiCat® Expanding Blown-In PINK® Fiberglas™ Insulatio, which literally adds millions of air pockets that provide the material with its insulating power.
  • The Fiberglas™ insulation we use does not settle like roll-out bats and other types of blown insulation. It maintains a consistent R value over time, giving more stability to your home cooling costs.

Additional Benefits

  • A well-insulated attic will help reduce and prevent ice dams from forming in the winter. By preventing heat from entering your attic during the cold months, the air in your attic will stay cool and will melt less snow on your roof, which can lead to ice dam formation. Ice dams can damage your shingles, fascia and gutters if left untreated.
  • Our high quality insulation will help reduce external noise from entering your home.