Roofing 101

Hire the right roofer for your leak repair

Just like any profession, some roofers are better than others. Hiring a talented local roofing contractor is an important step in having your leaky roof repaired. You want someone who knows what they are doing and who can do it efficiently and effectively.

Some roofers specialize in removal and installation. Others specialize in atticinsulation and ventilation. Still others are experts at roof repair. If you have a leaky roof that you want repaired, take some extra time to look for a local roofing contractor that has experience and expertise in diagnosing and fixing your specific problem. Most roofers can do an adequate job, but for something as important as your roof, you want a professional that has an in-depth understanding of how to fix your leak and help prevent it from being a trouble spot in the future.

Repairing a leaky roof requires more than just replacing some shingles. A roofer needs to integrate new roofing material with the old. That includes matching the materials, cutting them to the exact fit and installing them effectively without damaging other parts of your roof. A good roofer will also look at the bigger picture and determine why or how the leak formed in the first place.

It is vital to contact a roofer as soon as you notice a leak. Chances are it has existed for much longer than you have been aware of it. It is a good idea to regularly check your attic and roof for signs of damage.

Some indicators of roof damage that can cause leaks:

  • Water leakage or seepage. You will notice this in your attic or in more advanced stages in the ceilings of rooms directly below your attic.
  • Wet areas or pools of water on the surface of the roof.
  • Crooked, loose, cracked or missing shingles.
  • Degranulation of shingles. You will notice this by checking for sediment in your gutters. Excessive amounts of granules from your roof can indicate weak or deteriorating shingles that can lead to leaks.
  • Bent, cracked or missing flashing. The pieces of sheet metal around the vent pipes and chimneys on houses are called flashing. They are critical components of your roofing system. If they are missing or damaged, leaks can easily occur.
  • Water stained ceilings or actual dripping water.

Dessert Companies is a full service roofing company. We remove and install roofs, but we also specialize in leaky roof repair. Our roofing team will visit your home for a free inspection to diagnose the source of your leak and to identify any additional problem areas. If repair is needed, we can work directly with your insurance company on your behalf.