Roofing 101

4 Benefits of Off-Season Roofing

Summer is a great time to get things done. Good weather and long, sunny days make it the prime time for home improvement projects, including roof repair and replacement. However, this busy time of year can put limitations on roofers for time and talent, and can also cost homeowners more.

Many people are unaware that roofers work year-round, and can do just as good of a job in the colder months as during the summer.

Additionally, you can take advantage of several roofing benefits by saving your roofing job for the off-season.

  • Degranulation. Asphalt shingles are made of, you guessed it, asphalt, but they are coated in small granules of ceramic material. When high temperatures and direct sunlight descend on your roof, the asphalt part of the shingles expands, making the granules slightly less adherent. Shingles being handled or stepped on in the heat can lose some of the ceramic granules, a process called degranulation. Offseason temperatures are often cooler, which can help reduce degranulation during roofing work.
  • Scheduling. Local roofers prepare for seasonal work every year. Late summer to mid-autumn is the busy season. Labor and materials are in high demand. Roofing contracts can be put on a waiting list or delayed due to the amount of work and the limited time and labor that are available to complete them. If you choose to have your roofing project completed in the offseason, you will have a greater selection of availability, little to no waiting time, and plenty of skilled labor eager to work on your home.
  • Landscaping. Good roofers are very considerate of the lawn and landscaping surrounding your home. Roof removal and repair does create some debris. Ladders, scaffolding and foot traffic can also have an impact on your yard. During the offseason, bushes, trees, shrubs and grass are in their dormant modes, making their foliage less susceptible to damage. Foot traffic on dormant grass will have less of an impact than it will in the summer, as well.
  • Cost. If you haven’t been convinced of offseason roofing benefits yet, this may get your attention. Roofing contractors may be more affordable during the offseason. During the height of roofing season, labor and materials are at a premium. Contractors need skilled workers, manufacturers raise the prices of their materials, and time is in short supply. The combination of these factors raises bids for roofing projects during the traditional roofing season. Straying from this timeline, when skilled labor is more available and manufacturers have returned their material costs to normal, can save you big bucks.